How to build a chicken coop

Chickens are domestic animals as well as useful pets that easily bring many benefits. Despite the history and good things chickens provide people, they do need the extensive care. They are needy animals whose health will fail drastically if their requirements aren’t met.

You can learn how to build a chicken coop for your chickens here. Chickens need a safe house and healthy environment that’s built and designed particularly for them. A chicken coop requires serving various functions.

It can keep chickens safe from bad climates as cold and rain which are big enemies.

Chickens like dry environment¬†without the wind. That means you should build a sturdy coop. The roof doesn’t leak while the walls don’t allow the wind to break into. Lighting can support comfort to young chickens. Heating is unnecessary and may be dangerous to chickens since it may cause a fire hazard. Except that, a coop should include other tools to increase the comfort, such as water access, nest boxes, a roost, and a food container.

It has to clean and healthy, with the air-conditioning system.

– You can construct the floor of diverse materials and use lots of varieties of litter, such as hay, straw, sand, and wood shavings, but you have to always keep it dry and fresh.

– Surfaces can develop higher levels, for instance: the platform or roost bar is higher than nest boxes that are flat and smooth slanted surfaces so they can discourage chickens from pooping in tops of boxes and in nests.

– Air-conditioning system is a difficult problem to solve and a lot of people feel confused in finding a good system. The good ventilation includes the hot air naturally produced into the coop and the droppings that can leave easily. You need vents or pipes along the coop to direct the warm wet air come in and out while fresh air moves in naturally without the wind.

It is a great shelter that protects chickens from predators outside.

There are many predators want your nice chickens – from hawks to raccoons. Snakes like their baby chicks and eggs and even dogs nearby can be enemies.

– You should build a coop with high-quality fences and locks that can’t be easily destroyed by predators.

– You must seal holes and cracks if possible.

– The well-fenced yard can be a good way to keep your chickens safe from most predators.

– The more space you can build in their house, the better they are.

Chickens require enough food and healthy environment, like other pets, when you take a good care of them, they are lovely members of your family. Chickens are amazing backyard animals.

You can make the construction easier and quicker if you find good chicken coop plans. And certainly you can remove all the difficulties and purchase the great one. It’s affordable, functional, beautiful and perfect for your chickens. I hope this article helps you know how to take care chickens.

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